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The Law of the Swiss far west
Be on Time or die hard!

Olivier Randin, CEO

Here in Switzerland, we don’t joke with time. Time is a non-renewable resource that need to be preserved, and those that don’t respect it will ramble in their life!

And to preserve the time, you need a strong, reliable and precise watch, one with an independent energy source, so you will be ready for our modern far west world.

All our watches are fitted with mechanical movements, this insures you a total independency, and respect also our ecological consciousness in avoiding any battery.
Only your movement will ensure the smooth running of your watch.

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The most important Is you!

And for you, I today decide that all budget for marketing and promotion will be cut down and directly reinvested in the watch’s components. You will never see any advertisement of our brand, nor promotion. But as a counterpart, you will get the best automatic watch for the best price in the world ! Each watch comes with a Swiss made certificate. To be clear, you will get the biggest part of the cheese, and I will get the peanuts. And be sure none of our competitors offers more than us.

Hey guys, Usain Bolt, our Swiss president Simonetta Sommaruga, the French President François Hollande and even the King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej as happy owners of our watches . . . Could they all be wrong ?

A few figures

Taking care of your watch

  • Certificate of origin

    Your watch Olivier Randin Lausanne is delivered with a special certificate of origin. The certificate needs to be signed and dated by Olivier Randin. It guarantees the authenticity of your watch and validates your international warranty privileges for a period of FIVE YEARS after the date of sale.

  • Quality control

    The movements and completely assembled watches are subject to a series of technical tests and visual inspections to verify their rate accuracy, winding speed, power reserve, reliability, water resistance, and overall appearance. After it was assembled, your selfwinding watch will already have run for several weeks before leaving the workshops;it fully complies with the stringent criteria of the Olivier Randin Seal.

  • Rate accuracy

    The rate accuracy of Olivier Randin watches is verified in several phases of manufacturing, both with uncased and fully cased movements. The final test is performed with a wrist motion simulator and the results must conform to the following Olivier Randin Lausanne precision benchmarks: The rate accuracy of calibres with a diameter of 30 millimeters or larger must range within 5 seconds per 24 hours.

  • Water resistance

    Your watch is fitted with different types of seals to protect the movement against the ingress of dust and moisture and to prevent damage if it is immersed in water. Nonetheless, we recommend that you prevent direct contact with water if your watch has a leather strap.

  • Service

    We recommend that you have your watch serviced at least once every five years. For this purpose, we suggest that you bring or send your watch to the Olivier Randin Lausanne Service Center. This gives you the assurance that your watch will be entrusted to hands of a qualified Olivier Randin Lausanne watchmaker. The watchmaker will completely disassemble the movement and then clean and inspect all parts and lubricate them in the reassembly process. All functions of the watch will also be tested in detail and the escapement regulated if necessary. Finally, its rate accuracy will be monitored and precision adjusted for a further period of two weeks. The entire process may take several weeks because each watch must undergo a complete series of tests to fulfil the strict quality criteria of Olivier Randin Lausanne.

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    Two exclusive watches for www.qoqa.ch

    Sales - 13/11/2016

    海鸥是中国驰名的腕表品牌生产商,OLIVIER RANDIN 是经验丰富的瑞士制表人。两者的合作创造出精美限量版的瑞士制造腕表系列。


    Olivier Randin 已先行制作了瑞士官方天文台表检定局COSC认证表款的限量版精密航海表系列。

    Seagull is the most famous wristwatch manufacturer brand in China and Olivier Randin has an experienced Swiss watchmaker. They cooperate together and designed a new limited Swiss Made Watch collection.

    Time is a link between the master watchmakers from China and Switzerland, they work together to create world class unparalleled mechanical watches through the collision of inspiration and precision.

    Olivier Randin has produced a limited edition of chronometer watches all certified by the prestigious COSC in Switzerland.

    CHRONO - 2019 



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